Can you peg on a furniture?

Tips to enjoy sex in couch

Moist, soft, comfortable and spacious, the sofa is an essential pillar of your living room which regularly hosts your buttocks and those of your guests to make them have a good time. Such a specialist of the comfort of the posterior could not therefore be totally ignorant of the sexual well-being of the couple.

As soon as you leave the room and go on an adventure in your apartment, the support options naughty are not so many and you have to show a little imagination to give a touch of eroticism in any place. But the sofa has a significant voluptuous potential that we will share here with you by proposing 4 proper Couch sex positions and ways to optimize them.

1. The naughty hug

Your TV finally off, on the way to the tender embrace. In this position where madam turns her back, laying sideways, your first option is to consider a sweet spoon: sir sticks on the back of Madam and let her hands walk against the belly, the breasts while gently kissing the nape of the neck and licking the lobe of the ears.

Your bare bodies will satiate each other in an improved and fluffy doggy style, Madame enjoying the unique tenderness of your sofa under the languorous back and forth gentleman.

Finally, madam may otherwise offer his charming posterior to the gentleman who will kneel on the ground, sex erect at the buttocks of Madame. For the more adventurous, you can even get started in this way in the anal adventure.

2. Canine stretching

In the manner of the dog stretching after too long asleep, raise your pelvis in the air and extend your arms forward. In addition to the fact that this resolutely sexy position will surely attract your couch partner, it offers an ideal shooting angle for men, the angle ensuring a deep penetration, even for the smallest sexes.

If your couch is a little too tight, madam will be able to leave one leg off the sofa so that both partners are more comfortable. This variant will also further increase the ease of penetration, legs being thus slightly apart. Finally, if the partner has the language well hung, this position will also allow an exploration of the intimacy of madam, the partner or kneeling behind the exposed buttocks claiming a visit.

3. The hula hoop

This is an original intimate exploration and will be perfect for partners with significant penises. Monsieur will kneel like mad by positioning herself behind her, while she gives rhythm and cadence by performing pelvic movements according to her desires. Mister can also sit behind her, placing her legs on both sides of the lady, the latter having only to lower its basin on the attribute of sir and give it to heart in the same way.

Finally, once again, you can succumb to the joys of oral sex: the partner will lie on his back and Madame will be placed above, one knee on each side of the face. She will only have to lower her pelvis again to drop his cock on the mouth of the partner lying.

4. The legs in the air

Ideal for a face to face fiery, sir having to lie on the thighs of madam thus raising the pelvis. The penetration is so decidedly deep and this position is reserved for those who seek to shake the sofa. For couples who want to go more smoothly, get a small external massager  and let Sir direct the vibrating operations by rolling and turning the delicious masseur as you please on your privacy while covering your face, your neck and your chest of kisses to break everything.

And if you are both lovers of oral sex at the place of intimacy, Madam, ask your partner to slip his tongue between your thighs, knees on the couch!

Sofa Promotion

You should not underestimate the erotic abilities of your furniture and venture a few times elsewhere than in your room will always be beneficial to the renewal of your dreams and your pleasure. Sex loves surprise and hates the train, so do not hesitate and run to wallow in the lustful couch!

5. The erotic potential of the chair

There are obviously several kinds of chairs and it will first test the robustness before venturing to acrobatic thrills, but the chair has the advantage of lending itself rather well to naughty exercise: it is sufficient that sir sits normally and Madame overlaps sir. This position also allows madam to take control and perfectly stimulate her G-spot. This is the ideal piece of furniture for an improvised galipette in the middle of a meal or discussion that skids.

6. The little plus of the chair: the naughty scenario

By adding a pair of handcuffs and acting skills, you will be able to use the chair for your erotic scenarios of vicious policeman and police who likes to be deliciously tortured. You can also tie your partner to the chair for a hot stripping!

7. The plus of the sofa: oral sex and comfortable

Enjoy the special comfort of the sofa: one of the partners will be able to wallow pleasantly by proposing his intimacy, legs gently apart, ready for delicious oral caresses by the second partner who will only have to kneel!

8. The excesses of the bar

Who has never dreamed of waltzing all the bottles and glasses lined up on the bar to lengthen its half and embark on a high ride? If you are the lucky owners of an American kitchen or if you have a bar easily privatized, do not hesitate to taste this recurring cinematographic fantasy! A little cramped on this slightly dangerous height, the situation will be ideal for a quickly explosive or for a succulent cunnilingus, madam lying on the bar and mister having only to taste this romantic cocktail.

9. Assured pleasures of specially designed furniture

If you like the pleasure to measure, it may be on the side of special sex furniture that you will have to watch. Indeed, there is furniture designed specifically to accommodate couples looking for pleasure elsewhere than in bed! They offer different angles, can vary positions and succeed the most acrobatic of them without difficulty!

10. The little plus of specialized furniture: the specialization

With a piece of furniture entirely dedicated to your pleasure, you should forge some beautiful lustful memories. The simple step of buying such furniture and passing every time you walk your house will already put you in a mood conducive to the galapette!

11. The variants

If you want to mix business with pleasure, you can purchase fitness equipment such as a big gym ball or a weight-training station. Like furniture for sex, they conform to body shapes and give you the opportunity to take care of your body!

12. Save the furniture

If you’re looking for new bends that give your libido a boost, turning to its indoor furniture to give it a new and active role will be a good way to renew your erotic adventures. Finding voluptuous potential to each of the furniture in your home will also be a way to put the naughty subject on the table playfully and give back to your fiery antics of yesteryear a place of choice so they are not that old nice but distant memory that we do not really consider anymore, because it is satisfied from now on to be part of the furniture!