Can you peg on a furniture?

Tips to enjoy sex in couch

Moist, soft, comfortable and spacious, the sofa is an essential pillar of your living room which regularly hosts your buttocks and those of your guests to make them have a good time. Such a specialist of the comfort of the posterior could not therefore be totally ignorant of the sexual well-being of the couple.

As soon as you leave the room and go on an adventure in your apartment, the support options naughty are not so many and you have to show a little imagination to give a touch of eroticism in any place. But the sofa has a significant voluptuous potential that we will share here with you by proposing 4 proper Couch sex positions and ways to optimize them.

1. The naughty hug

Your TV finally off, on the way to the tender embrace. In this position where madam turns her back, laying sideways, your first option is to consider a sweet spoon: sir sticks on the back of Madam and let her hands walk against the belly, the breasts while gently kissing the nape of the neck and licking the lobe of the ears.

Your bare bodies will satiate each other in an improved and fluffy doggy style, Madame enjoying the unique tenderness of your sofa under the languorous back and forth gentleman.…