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It’s not a secret. Women watch porn. Who enjoys watching people having sex on screen is not actually a question of gender. Most porn we have access to today is simply a parody of itself. It mutated into an exaggeration, a collective of stereotypes showing sex as this mechanical, degrading act between robots of flesh and blood.

We started diving into the world of porn about four years ago so needless to say we went through a LOT of content online, browsing for stuff that actually turned us on. Since we also make my our movies, we got to meet a lot of cool people of work on their own versions of what porn is to them and we’d like to share our findings with you.

The idea of this blog is to gather content from everywhere so that you can tap into the growing range of ethical pornography and pick what you like best.

A selection of the best porn sites for women and men

We believe that both men and women would enjoy this content. The stereotypes spread by the mainstream scene is detrimental to everybody and we should all get to take a breath of fresh air sex.…