Best sex toys for pegging

Sex Toys for Couple: How to choose and use it for better Orgasm

Sex toys are great. They diversify sex life with a partner or give you incredible sensations of the solo; they train your intimate muscles. In general, without them, life would be much sadder. Here are the details to know how to use sex toys for a couple.

Sex toys: where to start

Just in case, if you still do not have experience with sex toys, but would very much like to get it, Sex experts have collected for you five very simple to operate but pleasant in all respects gadgets.

What sex toys to start with?

For example, with clitoral stimulation, an easy-to-use Memo stimulator is compact, it has a small size and weight and easy to clean. It is enough to rinse it under running water with soap, and the vibrator ready to go! The simulator is controlled by one button and keeps in memory the last used mode. Also, it has an internal flash-drive on 4 GB – you can upload files of any format you need to it. It is indispensable for women who prefer functional and straightforward things.

Clitoral stimulator Nea, Lelo

The sleek, stylish stimulator is surprisingly easy to use.…

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Yoni eggs and pegging for women

 Yoni Egg: Helps you to enjoy Intense Sexual Relation with your

Women carefully monitor their shape and health. For them, their appearance and reflection in the mirror is important. They train with all their might to bring muscles in tone and look at the beach at 100. Taking care of the visible muscles, they forget that there are other types of muscles, for example, intimate ones. The general condition of the body and how often you need to visit a gynecologist depends on their condition, as well as what kind of sensation you bring to your partner during sex.

Trained muscles will teach a woman to control the vagina and make a variety of intimate life, and to pump up the internal muscles is recommended to use training and treatment with yoni eggs. Not only will the partner feel the changes in sensations, but also the woman herself. This simulator increases sensitivity and adds novelty to the sex life.

Treatment with yoni eggs was used in ancient China in the imperial family. They helped women gain elastic, intimate muscles after giving birth, and also reduced the risk of women’s diseases and relieved them of various infections. Today, treatment with yoni eggs is very popular, because wearing this simulator helps to strengthen the pelvic floor.…

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Anal training for pegging

How to Expand your Anal for Fisting

In sex shops in the America, you can buy a device called an anal expander. Dilators come in various sizes and with their help, gradually increasing the size of the dilator; you can prepare your anus for penetration of the penis. However, this magnificent invention has still reached sex shops on all over the world. Some lovers use for their anus training objects at hand – bottles, fruit of suitable shape. However, do not overly fond of this. After all, the rectum, unlike the vagina, does not rest on a dead end, but goes up to the stomach, a foreign object can easily get lost in the rectum, causing serious damage to the body. Only a doctor can help to extract it, which is not very pleasant both physically and morally. 

Many use butt plugs to stretch the anus. It is worth noting that it is not enough to make it wide: you also need to train your muscles so that it can contract according to your desire like Kegel exercises. It is often advised to compress and unclench the muscles of the anus. In addition, it is recommended to take the ball (a large bead), fix it well on a string, insert it into the anus and try to pull it out while holding the anus muscles.…

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Can you use a dildo for pegging

Definition of dildo and tips on choosing and using it

Are you confused about what is a dildo? The dildo is a product that imitates the male penis at the time of erection (arousal). It is important not to confuse it with a vibrator, because many vibrators do in the form of a real penis. However, the dildo is always available without vibration!

Dildos are a favourite sex toy, so in an online store, you will find a wide range of these products. The popularity of the dildo itself won thanks to many parameters.

First, it is their realism. Thanks to modern technology it is possible to make very realistic dildos. Phalluses that are made from the casts of the sexual members of male porn stars or other celebrities are highly popular.

Dildo Black & White suction cup flesh 23 cm. Secondly; it is a wide range of materials. Today the products are made of gel, medical plastisol, latex, TPD, TPE, glass, as well as cyber leather, thanks to which the dildo not only looks realistic but also feels like real skin.

Thirdly, it is the most diverse sizes and shapes. There are both small phalluses that can be used for preludes and enormous dildos for demanding women.…

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Sex swings make your pegging experience better

Role of Sex Swings for leading a good sex life

Furniture for intimate comfort is not only an ordinary bed but also unique sets created exclusively for sex! For example – love swing for passionate lovers.

The lack of diversity in intimate relationships is one of the main problems that spouses or partners face after a long period of living together. Someone has already tried all the poses, someone is tired of simple intercourse in the bedroom, and someone has already managed to experience the thrill even in places entirely inappropriate for this. But buy a swing and try something breathtaking, only a few are ready!

What is a swing for sex and how can it be used by a pair of intricate lovers?

Most often, this is either a strap structure attached to the door beam or a particular metal rod. More advanced and expensive models use a metal frame like a traditional swing, to which belts and suspensions are attached for a woman. When using this intricate design, a woman dresses in belts, sits on a special ribbon or saddle and, in fact, finds herself in a state of free flight, held only by straps. The design of the swing can provide for several different, unusual positions for having sex, during which a man can either stand on the floor or “swing” with his lover.…

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Does pegging affect the vagina muscles?

How to Strengthen the Intimate Muscles: A practical and Simple Solution

Taking care of a beautiful well-groomed and healthy body, in the process of training, we completely forget about the muscles of the pelvis, the muscles that affect the vagina. The exercise of these muscles is essential for women because health, sexuality and self-confidence depend on them!

And if you train only the press, not paying attention to the pelvic floor muscles, you can worsen their condition. And with well-developed muscles of the pelvis, the process of childbirth is greatly simplified, and bladder control increases, which are especially important in older adults, it is easier to enjoy sex.

To appreciate the need for this workout, you should know that these muscles perform essential functions in the body:

• Responsible for urination and bowel movements
• Are involved in the birth of a child
• Play a crucial role in getting an orgasm, as they form the entrance to the vagina

The primary function of these muscles is to hold the pelvic organs and the abdominal cavity. This is a muscle hammock, stretched between the tailbone and the pubic bone.

Unfortunately, poor diet, painful childbirth, overweight and diseases of the genitourinary system negatively affect the tone of the muscles of the pelvis.…

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Latex fetish and pegging

Latex Fetish: A popular trend to follow

Latex fetish Skirts, pants, nurse’s gloves, stockings, corsets and other latex folds are available for many uses. But it is especially the combinations that win the palm, and even more the “integrals” or “cat suits”, which mold the body totally with just openings for the eyes, the nose or the mouth.

There are also classics in this area, such as nurse’s uniform for women and military uniform for men. Side color code, the black has the coast, followed closely by the red.

The costumes evolve with the imagination of the followers of this matter.

Latex: fetishist trend

Latex is often associated with fetishism. First you need to know what a latex fetish is. These are the notions of exhibition and sensations (touch, hearing, smell), which take precedence. Latex can beautify the body, enhance it, and sublimate the forms.  It’s fetish, because the desire is oriented as much towards the thing as the body of the partner who wears it. It is a fetishism that is called fetishism of adhesion. An attraction that could go back to childhood when the baby is reassured by the contact of rubber: nipples, pad, or layers.

Latex: SM trend

Note SM often goes with latex: When the mistress dresses in latex, it’s a way to enter a character.…

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Can you use a vibrator for pegging

Different Types of Vibrators for better Sex Life


Vibrators are a reasonably tricky product to buy now that the market is filled with thousands of options, each boasting a different shape or design. Again, different manufacturers are setting different characteristics in each of their products to give them a competitive advantage over their counterparts in the market.


The most typical vibrator design has an upward curve designed to stimulate the G-spot. This design also helps boost the clitoris once the vibrator is dropped. Another model is the sharp vibrator, which helps to stimulate specific parts of the vagina. The famous rabbit is a universal design and uses the ear to stimulate the clitoris while the muzzle applies the required pressure.

The butterfly design is similar to the rabbit with the only difference being the wings, which sit and tickle the vaginal lips. Some of these models have curves and bumps or have a unique texture that is helpful for a vaginal massage.

Types and forms of vibrators

The shape of the product does not always indicate its purpose. Some models copy the penis, and there are those in which it is impossible to recognise a sex toy. Each owner at his discretion chooses Colour, shape, elasticity, but to buy a good vibrator, it is essential to understand the different types of vibrators:

Vibrator in the form of a member: The classic version has a phallic shape.…

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Male Chastity And Pegging

Male Chastity Device: Why & what you should know about it

The male chastity device is a kind of chastity device used by men, which allows the male genitalia to be entirely covered by the front shield. Modern male chastity devices are also shrouded, and the cages are more appropriately designed and are usually made of stainless steel.

During the Queen Victoria of England (1836-1901), the Queen realised that the boy’s masturbation problem was more pronounced than that of the girl. Some doctors invented the chastity device that the teenager had to wear to prevent masturbation, and the male chastity band began to appear.

Current Popularity

According to a report by the sexologists, 30,000 men are wearing chastity devices. When devout male teachers are young, they are willing to wear chastity devices to prove their sexual loyalty. And 18 years ago, a magazine reported that 35,000 chastity devices were sold worldwide.

History of chastity

The original intention of this device was to prevent masturbation. In the UK the Victorian era, the religious importance of chastity and purity, when the medicine is also generally agreed that masturbation harmful, many medical studies have advocated the use of chastity device to prevent masturbation. Since the boy’s masturbation problem was the most significant, the male chastity device was first invented, resulting in the mass production of male chastity devices in the Americas and Europe.…

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Prostate Massagers and Pegging

Best prostate massager: discovering anal pleasure!

Women have their point G and men have their point P. Still, taboo for many men, the massage of the prostate is a source of pleasure yet exceptional. The prostate is the first point P.

It is a gland the size of a large hazelnut. Its primary function is to secrete part of the seminal fluid present in the sperm. However, prostate stimulation offers a much higher degree of pleasure compared to the sensations experienced during ejaculation.

Prostatic orgasm can be achieved in two ways: with one’s fingers or with a prostate massager. This last solution is most often chosen because it is more straightforward, more practical and more hygienic. That’s why you need to know everything about the prostate massagers, including its benefits.

What is a prostate massager?

If you are not comfortable with the idea of ​​introducing your finger into your anus, the prostate massager is an opportunity. This is the sex toy trend in men who want to stimulate their point P. It is inserted by the anal way and is most often slightly bent inwards.

Its role is to massage your prostate, give you unique sensations and can lead you to a male orgasm that would be more powerful in some than a traditional orgasm.…

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