The Top Sex Festival Locations

Sex and festivals are a match made in heaven! There’s definitely something about dancing in large crowds, smearing paint all over your face, sleeping on the wet ground, and partying 24/7. It’s almost a natural environment for “anything goes” moments and lots of naughty sex with strangers! However, it’s not always easy to find the perfect spot for festival sex, even though people can do it anywhere on the festival grounds. Still, if you want a little privacy or even want to find the naughtiest place for public sex, check out our top sex festival locations!

In a Tent

If you’re sex-positive and want to get frisky at a music festival, the most obvious choice would be a tent. It’s out in the open, yet it provides the same kind of privacy that you would get in a bedroom. If you don’t share a tent with your buddies, it’s definitely a good idea to slip under your sleeping bag and get busy!


However, note that there’s no soundproofing, so you’ll have to stay quiet. Sometimes, you can get away with it if the DJs or music acts are loud enough. Another problem with tents is the mud or soil. If it’s raining, the ground could get wet, and that could make things quite messy. You could solve this problem with a ground tarp.


What’s more, if you are a bit of an exhibitionist, a tent will be the perfect place for your naughty festival adventures. You can simply seal it off and party with your hookup before you get kinky. Then, you can have sex while knowing that you’re surrounded by thousands of people!

In a Car

Over 50% of people who got it on during a festival did so in their cars. If you can pull it off without strangers peeking through your windshield, you’ll be good to go! Getting laid in a car is one of the most common ways to have sex in public. It’s definitely an American classic, and it will allow you to have some memorable adventures at a festival.


If you’re worried about privacy, you could install some sun shades on your windows. This will be an ideal solution, especially if you’re not too concerned about people seeing your car rock up and down. If you want more privacy, pick a secluded spot in the festival parking area. Then, wait for the crowds to move towards the stages. Also, it’s better to do this in a larger car since a smaller vehicle will restrict your movements.

In a Field

For this next tip, you could go out into the open and start humping like crazy in front of everyone. If you have sex on the actual festival field, you could probably get away with it depending on the type of festival. If it’s a world-famous party festival, having sex on the fields will most likely be accepted. You should definitely avoid art festivals or film festivals for these types of activities.


Additionally, if you want to keep your privacy and be discrete, you can always find a secluded area. If it’s absolutely necessary, you can slip behind a bush or a tree. Unfortunately, having sex on festival fields can be a messy and awkward experience. Like we’ve said, the ground can turn into mud pretty quickly. Apart from that, you’ll have to deal with discarded bottles, cups, clothes, and who knows what else. An easy hack here is to use a beach towel.

In an RV/Campervan

This is quite possibly the most comfortable and most private option! Campervans and RVs are huge. They’ll allow you to try all sorts of acrobatics and kinky sexual acts. They are also the closest to having a real bed. RVs will enable you to have comfortable sex with a stranger or even multiple strangers.


What’s more, they can isolate noises effectively. They usually have curtains that allow you to have full privacy. Still, not everyone can afford an RV. Plus, people are usually reluctant to enter a van with a stranger for obvious reasons. If you have a campervan or similar vehicle or if you trust someone who has it, don’t hesitate to have some fun in it.

In the Crowd

If you really want to have a wild time, you can also try to have sex in the actual crowd. This is highly risky, but it could work if you don’t get caught. If you want people to see you and don’t care about getting caught, just get down on all fours and have fun! If not, you could try some less risky acts like handjobs, fingering, or a good old makeout sesh.


If you want full-on penetration, you could attempt it in some inconspicuous ways. For example, try it from behind while standing up. Here, you’ll need to be comfortable with witnesses, strangers, and possibly cameras. If you’re concerned about getting caught on video, wear sunglasses, hats, or other accessories that could hide your identity. Not everyone has the guts to try this, but it will undoubtedly make all your other sexual escapades seem vanilla AF in comparison.


If you’re considering it, just remember that anything is better than a port-a-potty! The reasons for this are straightforward, but we’ll go over them just in case you’re having second thoughts. Obviously, portable toilets are full of human waste, odors, bacteria, chemicals, or worse. They’re essentially a sealed tank filled with some of the most disgusting things on the planet! That’s not exactly an ideal environment for sexy time. Of course, if your partner takes you to the port-a-potty in an emergency and humps you dry, we won’t judge you for it. But it’s probably better to move on and find a better place!

In a Dance Tent

Now, if you really want to go wild, you should get busy in one of the festival’s exotic dance tents. Not everyone has the balls to attempt this, but you’ll remember it for the rest of your life if you pull it off!


The experience will feel weird and awesome at the same time as you’ll be dancing and having sex at the same time. This will probably work best at famous party festivals where sex is pretty much guaranteed. That way, the others in the dance tent will be too busy partying to even notice that you’re plowing someone hard or taking a big dong inside you right in front of them!

Time to Party!

So which location would you pick? Have fun at your next festival!