Why r2p Coalition was created

Fighting for women’s equal rights and creating a community of mixed gender dominants are what made this site into existence. This is r2p Coalition’s ambition

The current model or concept of sex is no longer sustainable. Sex should not be isolated in compliance with the idea that only Males should be dominant. Females should also have a say on whether who the dominant partner in bed should be. This mindset represents a major part of the solution, which also includes the use of pegs or strap ons. The current imbalance between the footing of males and females can be solved by our advocacy.

You could say that the solution is easy enough and it only requires one essential factor – Openness of mind – which can be addressed by viewing the videos provided in this site until you grasp the idea that it is perfectly normal. Reasonable enough?

“We are convinced that we need to see sex from a new perspective in order to
better understand that sex can offer us a lot more especially in this changing world.”

Many couples have already turned to pegging after they have appreciated that women can do the humping too! This is a good thing.